BORREGO DAYS Mainstage Entertainment

Wild Oats Band & Wild West Show

 Judy Taylor, Sue Palmer and the Wild Oats Band, and Wild West Show.  Country, Cajun and a little bit Rock & Roll. This is the band you can’t help but dance to. You won’t be able to keep your eyes off them either, A show band of high quality performers and musicians.  This All Girl Band offers a fun for all twist with some fancy roping, gun spinning and bull whip tricks. 

Haywire Band

 Haywire is an eclectic folk band influenced by Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, venturing from the pop sounds of the Beatles to the beautiful ballads of Tom Waits. Features old timely tunes and originals with Jim Lydick, Kathleen Beck, Maril Parker and Paul Gordon. 

Izon Eden

Izon Eden brings the house down every time. A duo that delivers the best in Contemporary Jazz and Pop Classics. Starring Dayton Borders and Patty Holley. 

Miguel Angel Millán

Sings Mexican Folk Songs! Joined by his brother Gabby Millán.

Latin Salsa